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Spa & Wellness

Son Penya Adults Only
We invite you to discover our exclusive Spa & Wellness area, an important part of our hotel, dedicated to the well-being and health of our guests. It is the perfect place to take care of body, mind and soul. In the wellness area, you will find a heated swimming pool, a Turkish bath, a sauna, a shower circuit, a fitness area and a room for individual treatments. Besides, the spa offers wonderful views of the surrounding countryside.
Son Penya | Petit Hotel & Spa - Adults Only

Heated swimming pool

In addition to avoiding a cold shock, getting into a heated pool has many health benefits. It relaxes muscles and joints, improves blood circulation, relieves stress and promotes breathing. Furthermore, it helps to eliminate minor back pains, as the heat loosens the muscles and frees you from tension. Enjoy your bath!
Son Penya | Petit Hotel & Spa - Adults Only
Son Penya | Petit Hotel & Spa - Adults Only


The hammam is the Middle Eastern wet variant of the Nordic sauna. The first hammams originated in Arabia and bathing culture was a central part of life in ancient Rome but it was the Turks who popularised its use, hence the name Turkish bath. It consists of using the moist heat of hot water and steam to oxygenate and revitalise the skin tissues. The process improves the skin's appearance by balancing pore dilation and eliminating toxins and impurities. The hot steam also allows deep cleansing of the skin, leaving it velvety soft and smooth. It is also beneficial for the lungs and bronchial system as it increases the oxygen exchange capacity.
Son Penya | Petit Hotel & Spa - Adults Only


The beneficial principle of the sauna is based on the use of dry heat to eliminate toxins from our body and increase our immune system. Relaxation of the body and mind is one of the major benefits of sauna use. Its practice reduces stress by releasing endorphins and helps to combat insomnia. Its health benefits are well known and manifold: it improves breathing and clears the lungs, relieves arthritic pain and generally helps to reduce bone and muscle ailments.
Son Penya | Petit Hotel & Spa - Adults Only

Massage and cosmetic treatments

Massages are recommended for anyone suffering from work overload, stress, physical tension, sleeping difficulties, lack of concentration or any kind of muscular pain. Massages have an anti-stress effect, as they relax muscle tension, increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure. They also help you feel better and relieve any emotional tension. We recommend that you enter the spa before the massage, to allow your body to relax so you can enjoy it to the full.
Son Penya | Petit Hotel & Spa - Adults Only


Our fitness area is at your disposal, where you can exercise and do your daily routines while enjoying the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Doing workouts helps you lose weight, stay in shape and build toned muscles. Daily exercise brings many other benefits, such as enhanced blood circulation, faster metabolism, improved performance, greater muscle strength, more flexibility and better core body balance. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems. A good exercise routine prevents health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Finally, it will help you feel better both physically and psychologically.