Son Penya Petit Hotel & Spa, Majorca

Son Penya, just a few km from the village of San Llorenç on Majorca, is the ideal place to relax and recharge your batteries. It’s surrounded by a completely virgin landscape on an old 200.000 m2 Majorcan estate which has been completely renovated. . It was formerly used for livestock breeding. After several years under restoration, it has become an exclusive Petit Hotel & Spa with 20 charming rooms where you can enjoy the peace and privacy the Son Penya estate offers.

Inland Hotel, Son Penya

The Son Penya estate estate opened its doors 13 years ago with a traditional and contemporary style, an exclusive charming hotel in the Majorcan Llevante region where the friendly service and the essence of the virgin setting stand out. The landscape surrounding Son Penya allows you to be in contact with nature.It’s a place where time seems to stand still and where silence and serenity abound; a place to really get away from your daily routine. Enjoy the wellbeing and peace we offer. It’s your time to rest.