5 Sentits Restaurant, Son Penya Petit Hotel

The 5 Sentits Restaurant just outside Son Penya,offers guests many gastronomic choices adapted to each customer’s needs. 5 Sentits features elegant and traditional decoration, conserving the essence of the Son Penya Estate. A lovely dining room with a Gothic design, exposed marés stone walls and high ceilings with stone arches. In summer, we invite you to enjoy our terrace set up for lunches and dinners. Plus, we suggest you accompany your meals with our winery wines, many of which are organic, produced by Toni Gelabert Wines.

Haute Cuisine at Son Penya Petit Hotel & Spa


We offer a selection of gourmet dishes as well as international fusion cuisine in a peaceful and distinguished atmosphere which you can enjoy all day long. You may choose from among a selection of dishes made by our chef with fresh products, all delicately prepared as we combine modern culinary techniques with outstanding and excellent presentation.


Plus, Son Penya has a small winery, where our wines are stored at room temperature in our cellar. You can accompany your meals with one of our wines, many of which are organic. 95% of our wines are Majorcan.

Brunch Breakfast


Enjoy a delicious a-la-carte breakfast brunch at Son Penya with market products in our breakfast area. A warm and cozy place surrounded by nature and natural light. Delight your palate with our a-la-carte brunch.




We prepare a number of international fusion cuisine dishes for you to enjoy a good lunch. It’s the ideal option for enjoying a pleasant meal at the restaurant or in the outdoor areas, which are ideal in summer. Delight your palate with haute cuisine dishes.




Enjoy a delectable dinner at
If you'd like, you can download the 5 Sentits Restaurant menu: