Spa & Wellness Son Penya Adults Only

Petit Hotel & Spa

We invite you to discover our exclusive Spa & Wellness. It’s a place dedicated to our guests’ health and wellbeing, ideal for caring for the body, mind and spirit. In the wellness area, you’ll find: a heated pool, Turkish bath, sauna, shower circuit, fitness area and personal care room. Our spa has wonderful views of the surrounding landscape.

Son Penya Adults Only, A Wellness Oasis


Son Penya Adults Only offers you a place dedicated to personal wellness, which is excellent for relaxing and relieving stress. Our spa features modern facilities where all our guests can use the facilities for free.

We have a massage service with a team of professionals who can recommend any one of the many different types of massage available depending on your needs or pain: relaxing, sport, anti-cellulite, therapeutic and others. Massages may be given in the massage room or in your room. We adapt to our customers' needs.

Heated pool


The hot water in the heated pool offers a number of health benefits. It helps improve the appearance of your skin as the warm water helps moisturise the skin and is an excellent natural remedy for improved blood circulation and the look of your skin. Plus, it helps relieve muscle tension and minor back pain as the heat helps relax all the muscles and release tension… Enjoy your swim!

Turkish bath


Turkish bath or “hammam” is an Arabic bath that has been enjoyed since ancient times… it uses steamed heat for better oxygenation and to revitalise the skin tissue. It’s recommended to improve the cutis. This is because it helps balance pore dilation and eliminate toxins and impurities… it helps clean the skin as the steam enables deep cleaning which leaves the skin smooth and velvety… It helps the lungs and bronchial system by increasing the oxygen exchange capacity. It relaxes the nervous system.



Saunas with dry heat offer a number of benefits as they help eliminate toxins from the body and increase the body’s defences. A sauna is a relaxing activity that helps reduce stress as it releases endorphins and helps fight insomnia problems. Plus, it is also known for the health benefit like improved respiration as it helps unblock pulmonary function, relieves arthritis pain and generally helps relieve bone and muscular pain.



Massages are recommended for those who suffer from work overloads, stress, physical tension, difficulties sleeping, a lack of concentration or any type of pain. Massages have an anti-stress effect as they relax muscle tension, increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure. Plus, they help you feel better and relieve any emotional stress. We recommend entering the spa before your massage as your body will be more relaxed and you’ll enjoy it more.



We have a fitness area with beautiful views where you can enjoy your daily exercise routine with magnificent views. Fitness is great for losing weight, staying fit and achieving good muscle tone. There are a number of benefits like improved blood flow, increased metabolism, improved performance, muscular power, flexibility, balance and the prevention of cardiovascular disease. A good exercise routine will help you prevent health problems like coronary disease and diabetes. Plus, it helps you feel better physically and mentally.